every ryuko x satsuki fan after the second half

im a dingle romple blog mostly…….lauGHS…..„„„„„,but im multifandom shit too… ITS 2AM FOR ME y r u still awake

ahhh i see. i drew a few komahinas and sakuraois in days past. im from sunny california my friend its only 11 PM ehe

not to sound wierd but i have no idea/recollection of why i followed you idk who u are I dont even like snk but hi!!! hello

omg… thats ok i dont really post often. usually not even once a day. i’ve made drawings for a great many fandoms, in the past so its possible that u followed me for that. what do u like? hey hi!

if u send me an ask with a request i might draw u something or we could be friends :( there are 400 of u and none of u talk to me…

Me and my friends had a fun time at the cherry blossom festival!

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